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Northern Parula (Photo: Bruce Parker)
Volunteers count waterfowl in the South Shore IBA
Long-tailed Duck (Photo: Peter Fuller)
Celebrating the new Barn Swallow nesting structure
Sharp-shinned Hawk (Photo-David Okines)


 The Observatory is closed for the summer and fall banding begins Aug 20. 
 Trails in the National Wildlife Area and South Shore are open all year.
PEPtBO is a migration research station located in the Prince Edward Point National Wildlife Area.  We are also caretakers for the Prince Edward County South Shore Important Bird Area.


PHOTO CONTEST WINNERS 2018:  Congratulations to Helene Tremblay, Glen Harris, Sydney Smith and Beth Ernst.  See all the entries HERE

Who's on your property?  Ever wondered which birds visit and nest around your home?  Over the next few weeks (June 1 - Jul 15) PEPtBO member Tom Wheatley will be available to conduct a bird survey on your property. In exchange for his complimentary (yes, free!) services, a donation can be made to PEPtBO.  Contact Tom by email at and arrange a day for him to survey your property for breeding birds. Depending on the size of your property, the survey will last anywhere from 1-3 hours. When finished, he'll give you a 15-minute summary , followed by a bird checklist emailed to you the next day.  (Please note: routes only along worn paths, mowed lawns and roadways - no rough terrain.)




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