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 Welcome to PEPtBO

Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory (PEPtBO) is a migration research station located along the eastern tip of Prince Edward County about 30 minutes southeast of Picton, Ontario in the Prince Edward Point National Wildlife Area.

PEPtBO is:
The banding site is located on a major migratory route and is a focal point for passerines, waterfowl and raptors with yearly reports of rare and unusual species. Each year we band 15,000+ birds of more than 200 species.  A daily census documents the hundreds of thousands of birds that pass through in spring and fall.
The Observatory is open to the public. ( click here for Fall Banding times, or Spring Banding times, or Maps/Directions)

Our Mission

PEPtBO is committed to increasing the appreciation, knowledge and understanding of birds by collecting data through spring and fall banding programs, a daily census, observation surveys and research projects.  We strive to provide the community with opportunities to support and engage in the conservation of bird populations and habitats.
PEPtBO joins Nature Canada, Ontario Nature, Bird Life International, the David Suzuki Foundation and the Audubon Society in supporting Prince Edward County Field Naturalists efforts to Save Ostrander Point

In the News...

PEPtBO Online Store PEPtBO Online Store Visit our updated online store!  You can order Biodiversity-friendly Coffee, Greeting Cards, T-shirts, Bookmarks or Adopt-an-Owl.
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New IBA video Watch an overview of the IBA (Important Bird Area) Program on the newly released video.  PEPtBO is the caretaker for the Prince Edward South Shore IBA.  If you would like to volunteer to help with some of our monitoring, please CONTACT US.
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Amazing Red Knot Read the amazing story of a Red Knot banded in 1995 andsighted again this year.  This link will take you to the ROM (Royal Ontario Museuim) Blog.
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